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Creative and sustainable material solutions

A vertically-integrated, diversified metals group

Experience meets Progression

Imperial Group consists of 11 industrial entities that trade and process metal.The group was born when the family ownership grew their local metal recycling company into a diversified group with combined revenue of over a billion dollars. While each entity operates independently, they also work together to provide products and services at the Imperial Group level.

Imperial Group is a product of experience meeting progression. With leadership in the second and third generation of the family, our group combines the knowledge that comes with decades of experience and the innovative ideas of the new generation.

Imperia Group Companies

The Group

With such a diverse set of companies, the group's capabilities are unparalleled. From scrap metal recycling to finished goods manufacturing, Imperial handles metal at all stages of its life cycle. Our entities are each the best at what they do; and as a group, we are providing services the industry has never seen before. Follow the links below to learn more.


with us

"Imperial Group offers a unique perspective. Their team's knowledge of all segments of the industry is evident in their service approach and delivery."

-Valued Customer

Services Offered

Imperial Group provides all of the services our individual companies offer, as well as unique services that combine the capabilities of our companies. Imperial Group is one of the largest scrap metal recycling companies with various programs tailored for many different companies and industries. 

Materials Traded

Imperial Group trades the largest variety of material in the industry. We specialize in non-ferrous metals, but we process, manufacture and trade non-ferrous and precious metals as well. Follow the links below to view the various grades of materials we buy and sell.

Products & Services
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