Creating a Supplier Contract:
Generally, Supplier Contracts host individual settlements purchases from one supplier by one Imperial Group company. They are the layer in between an account and individual purchases to allow for better organization and summarizing of information. If the supplier is new, create a supplier contract to start entering the related purchases. If the supplier is not new, you still may want to create a new supplier contract:
  • DO create a new supplier contract for the following differences/changes:

    • IG company

    • Contract Owner

    • Purchase Type

    • Any fields in "Logistics" section

    • Any fields in “Additional Parties” section

To create a new Supplier Contract:
  1. Search for the account from whom we are purchasing material (This account hosts the billing address and the payment information)
  2. On the account page, click the downward facing arrow in the Supplier Contract Section
  3. Click New, and then populate as much information as possible before saving
Hint: If you are unsure how to populate any information, hover your mouse over the "i" icon next to the field name to view its definition:
Industrial Service: The supplier is an industrial account, whom we have agreed to service. We pickup and purchase their material. 
Brokering Indirect: We purchase this supplier's material and sell it to a specific customer without upgrading the material, but it is delivered to our operation (and not direct to a customer). 
Brokering Direct: We purchase this material and ship it directly to the customer to whom we sell the material.
Summary information: 
The top of the Supplier Contract page displays a number of summary fields that are calculated by summarizing information on individual settlements.