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Imperial Group is committed to protecting the environment and positively contributing to society. We strongly believe that achieving success and being socially responsible can and should go hand-in-hand. All of our facilities are continuously assessed to ensure we avoid any violations. We are very proud of our prolonged record of regulatory compliance. 

Risk Management for Scrap Generators

Imperial Group has a unique advantage when it comes to assuring customers they are avoiding any downstream liability. Because our companies have such different capabilities and are in more than just the recycling sector of the industry, a lot of the material we buy stays within the group. This translates into a further guarantee for our customers that their material is handled in accordance with all regulations from cradle-to-grave. 

Our Environmental Initiatives

  • Oil Collection and Recycling Program

  • Radiation Detectors at all recycling facilities

  • Zero Landfill Program

  • Waste Runoff and Air Contamination Prevention

  • Comprehensive EHS Monitoring Program

  • ELV Mercury-Switch Removal Program

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