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Imperial Group offers a tolling service through one or a combination of its companies. Tolling is the process of taking customers' scrap material, processing it, recovering the metal, and supplying it back to the same customer in their desired form. 

Aluminum and Zinc Tolling

One of our companies, Imperial Aluminum, tolls 100% of the aluminum-based scrap it acquires. They segregate the scrap, remove the oil and water emulsions, melt it, alloy it, and then pour the molten aluminum into cones, sows and ingots. Another company, Imperial Zinc, offers a similar service. Imperial Zinc has an expertise in processing zinc, and can guarantee the highest recovery in the industry. With 12 scrap processing furnaces, its customers' scrap is processed back into the desired end product quicker than the competition. 

Copper and Lead Tolling

Through a combination of our companies, Imperial Group can buy your copper and lead scrap and provide you with finished materials. For more information about this service, contact us at or call (312) 226-7465. 

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